W.T. Denton Mechanical was formed in 1963 by W.T. Denton Sr.  In August of 1980 the company became incorporated in the state of New Mexico.  As of today’s date, W.T Denton Mech, Inc. employs 70 men and women that all strive for perfection in their field of work. Continuing to build this company on the firm foundation that it started with is the goals of the owners, Gary and Donita Denton. We feel that our organization and key experienced employees can perform effectively and efficiently all requirements and demanded by any project. Our past experience on larger commercial and industrial projects illustrates our capability to provide a quality, timeliness and cost effective relationship.

Our Services:

Customer Available services:

Plumbing Clovis, NM

Heating Clovis, NM &

Air Conditioning Clovis, NM

Sheet Metal Fabrication Clovis, NM

  • Water Pipe Repaired or Replaced.

  • Poly Pipe Replacement.

  • Water Heater Sales and Service.

  • Slab Leak Repairs.

  • Faucet and Fixtures.

  • Gas line Repair or Replacement.

  • Sewer line Camera & Video.

  • Sewer line Repair & Replacement.

  • Sewer Line & Drain Cleaning.

  • Fire Sprinkler Repair.

  • Certified Pipe Welding.

  • Backflow Preventer Certification.

  • Heating Units Installs & Service.

  • Air Conditioning Units Installs & Service.

  • Geothermal units sales and service.

  • Boiler system sales and service.

  • Restaurant Equipment Repair.

  • Rectangular and Spiral Ductwork Pipe.

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